The journey of Android App Development from Idea to Product

Why do you want to build an Android mobile app? The answer to this question will decide whether your mobile app will be successful or not. Here is a complete journey of Android App Development from idea to product. If you have any idea, then you must follow these steps: –


#1 Idea of an app: If you already have an idea of application, then move onto the next step. If you really want to know how to build an interactive app you must have a concept. Every successful entrepreneurs have a mobile app. If you want to streamline business processes you could embrace an app.

#2 Identify your needs: After deciding to create an application you must identify your requirements like what your product, how it works, benefits of product, and much more. In short, what you expect from your product.

#3 Wireframing to your product: Now, it’s the time to note down detail your product or you can also use a wireframing tool. Besides, also include flow – how users will navigate an app and feature envision as well.

#4 Put designs first: Most of enterprises/consumers choose a very basic design and mainly focus on development. Always keep in mind mobile application design matters a lot to any product. So, firstly you need to consider design of the product.

#5 Hire a developer: Find an Android development company that has a great development team and solid design ability. While hiring a developer, must be checked developer experience, portfolio, credibility, etc.

#6 Create an app store account: If your application is ready for the app store, then you need to consider ASO (App Store Optimization) that helps in improving your app traffic and a number of downloads as well. Here we are talking about Android application you must create an account at Google play store for publishing an app for end consumers.

#7 Integrate Analytics: After submitting of the product in app store, then your app should be integrated with the analytical tool so that you can get all information about your deployed application such as customer reviews and ratings, a number of download, etc.

All above steps are helpful in building your Android app in the most effective manner. With this beautiful journey of Android app development you can get a lot.

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